Cure Department 2

Video, HD, stereo, 11:40 min., 2022

This video work uses nine of the so-called Solfeggio Frequencies to generate an audio-visual composition. The idea of healing through sound suggests that, like an out-of-tune musical instrument, the human being must be properly tuned in order to function. But what is “in tune” here and where this standardized tuning comes from is not questioned. The question is obscured by diffuse references to the number mysticism of Pythagoras, monk chants in the Middle Ages and vague references to Buddhism. The paternalism of orthodox medicine is replaced by another paternalistic belief system that also generates capital from the hope of healing.

Two people with headphones sitting and laying in front of a video monitor. On the monitor a 3D model of a tuning fork is surrounded by a circle and captions that read: “You are not enough yet.”
Installation view at “Who Cares? Feminist Art Festival“, feldfünf, Berlin. Photo: Victoria Tomaschko