Maybe an Image of AI

Digital photo series, 2022-ongoing

Cure Department 2

Video, HD, stereo, 11:40 min., 2022

Cure Department 1

Installation with 528 Hz tuning fork, mallet, pedestal and text, 100 x 30 x 30 cm, 2022

Global Capture Conference

Video, HD, stereo, 9:36 min., 2022

Museum der blendenden Künste

Video, HD, stereo, 11:41 min., 2020

Frotter la Cité

Video, SD, stereo, 6:19 min., 2020

Frames of Reference

Interactive installation, 36 picture frames, dimensions variable, 2019

Ritual Verality Experience

Live animation, Processing, MIDI, 2018

Electric Fish (Call and Response)

Interactive animation, Processing, microphone, speaker, 2017

Mickey vs Mouse

Live animation, Processing, MIDI, 2017

Real Space Agency (NSAliens part 2)

Video, HD, stereo, 4:02 min., 2016

We Hope You Will Enjoy Our Nation (NSAliens part 1)

Video, HD, stereo, 1:17 min., 2015

Die Auflösung des Sehens (The Resolution of Sight)

Interventions and installations at DA Kunsthaus Kloster Gravenhorst, cooperation with Jovana Komnenic, project grant KunstKommunikation 2014


Installation with coloured candles and canvas, 2014


Live soundperformance with matches, webcam, Processing, synthesizer and keyboard, 2014, cooperation with Jonas Hauer

Language for Smart People

Animation/video, DV, 3:29 min, cooperation with Minhye Chu, 2013

RAM: Recycling als Motiv

Installation, 72 wooden IKEA picture frames, 13 x 18 x 0,8 cm each, paper snippets from IKEA catalogue, 2009/2013


Booklet, 26 pages, A4, BW, 2013

Download as PDF


Stop motion video with LOMO camera, 1 sec, loop, 2012

Die unpragmatische Momentaufnahme einer Klangerzeugung

Stop motion video with LOMO camera, 1 sec, loop, 2012, Cooperation with Jonas Hauer


Installation in park Hasenheide, Berlin, with barrier tape, photos and text, 2011

Anywhere but here! Instant Holiday Simulator

Interactive installation with computer, printer, table, chair, umbrella and artificial turf, 2011

The Magic Box

Interactive installation for making wishes, 2011

Download results as PDF

In Omas Garten klont Thomas Tomaten

Installation with photos, videos, text, computer game and four tons of soil, 2010

Crazy X-Mas

Poem and song, 2009

Die kleine Lise sitzt auf der Wiese.
Susanne schaut zur Tanne.
Brigitte sitzt immer in der Mitte.
Der Gerd steckt die Ente in den Herd.
Frank hat sich nicht mal bedankt.
Onkel Heinrich findet’s peinlich.

Download X-Mas Song as mp3 (3.7 MB)

Zombie Mutants From Outer Space

Computer game, 2009

Glücksspiel für Vernünftige. Eine gemäßigte Lotterie (Gambling with Reason. A Moderate Lottery)

Interactive performance, 2009

Download results as PDF (German)

German Invasion

Installation with text and bags, 2009

What Happened to Our Parents?

Video, 3:40 min, 2009

Wenn Bürokratie Amok läuft (When Bureaucracy Runs Wild)

Booklet, 29 pages, 2009

Download booklet as PDF

Paint it Black

Live tattoo performance, 2008, videodocumentation

Über den Gesichtssinn, das Licht und das Leben überhaupt. Eine Abhandlung in fünf Kapiteln

5 Videos, 2008

Elektrische Pflanze (Power Plant)

Interactive installation with light, dimmer, plant, computer and projector, 2007

12 Bit Music

Video, 10:00 min, 2007

48 Bit

Computer program, endless [no loop], 2007

Maler Maschine

Computer program, endless [no loop], 2006

Automatische Musikanten

Computer program, endless [no loop], 2006

Hampelmann 625

Computer program, endless [no loop], 2005

5 Hoch 9

Computer program, 11 days, 2005