Global Capture Conference

Video, HD, stereo, 9:36 min., 2022

This work uses data from non-verbal audio samples and audio CAPTCHAs to speculate about human-machine interaction. For many communication processes, it is important to know whether an actor is human, or an automated program or bot. Sometimes it is enough to say with a check mark: "I am not a robot." But sometimes the so-called CAPTCHAs are more complex. Objects on images need to be recognized, mathematical problems have to be solved or poorly readable text has to be deciphered. The Turing test is reversed here and the human has to prove to the machine that he is a human. And at the same time he trains the machine. People with disabilities are systematically excluded if they lack certain skills. Assistance software can help to solve the CAPTCHAs anyway. At the same time, the bots continue to upgrade and try to bypass the CAPTCHAs without human involvement. We are in the midst of the technical escalation and can sit back and watch as programs negotiate with each other what it means to be human.