Museum der blendenden Künste
(Museum of Blinding Arts)

Video, HD, stereo, 11:41 min., 2020

Starting point for this this lecture performance are printings in the collection of the Museum der bildenden Künste (Museum of Fine Arts) in Leipzig that deal with the topic of blindness or disability. They are combined with the biography of Johann Sebastian Bach who had an eye surgery in Leipzig in 1750. The lecture performance was part of the micro festival “KörperWissen” in November 2020 hosted by the Museum der bildenden Künste and Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst.

The visual arts are fascinated by the theme of blindness. However, the experience of blindness cannot be represented in a picture. That's why the bodies of blind people are used to tell stories. These stories are often about helplessness, healing, and heroism. They reveal little about blind people and all the more about the idea of the sighted people.