Frames of Reference

Interactive installation, 36 picture frames, dimensions variable, 2019

The installation consists of 36 printed words in small wooden picture frames. The frames can be re-arranged to form sentences. The words come from six different categories: Verbs, expressions for time, expressions for place, quantifiers for subjects, quantifiers for objects, and conjunctions. One example is: “if some always have everything here”.
The installation was displayed in Berlin at Haus der Statistik – a building with a convoluted history and a future that is surrounded by discussions about ownership of cities.

Photo of six picture frames in a row with the words: “if some always have everything here”. Photo by Jovana Komnenic
Photo of a person looking at the frames mounted on a beam on a wooden wall. Photo by Jovana Komnenic
Close-up of a person re-arranging the frames, having a frame with the word “have” in her hand. Photo by Jovana Komnenic